Hardware Warranty

All exchanges require a written RMA and original invoice.
Products have a one year limited hardware warranty from
original purchase date. The warranty is voided if you alter the
equipment as follows: cutting cables, opening cameras and
cases, using non-regulated power supplies, closed housings,
removing or altering warranty seals, removing any program(s)
or any type of format downloaded or saved into a PC based
DVR other than manufacturer software and other authorized
software from A1 OSIS will automatically void warranty on
said equipment. The warranty does not cover any damages
caused by acts of nature such as lightning, fire, flooding,
storms or power surges. Damage caused by misuse or
negligence is not covered under warranty. This hardware
warranty covers parts during the initial warranty term of the
equipment. a 90 day warranty on labor immediately following
the date on invoice will also be provided. In the event that a
product is within hardware warranty terms and is not
performing as intended due to manufacturer defect, a
replacement of equal or higher value will be provided in
exchange for the defective product usually within 3-5

business days. However, replacement of the defective
product depends on scheduling and product availability
therefore may require a much lengthier time period for
replacement. The hardware warranty process is as follows: 1.
Customer must submit a support ticket at www.a1osis.com
2. An Authorized representative of A1 OSIS will provide
technical support via the online ticketing system or email in
attempt to resolve any product issues within the scope of
equipment that was provided by A1 OSIS Inc. Phone
Technical Support may also be provided by appointment
only. 3. If A1 OSIS Inc is unable to resolve product issues via
phone email or ticketing support then an Authorized
technician of A1 OSIS Inc. will be dispatched to the customer
premise under 90 day labor warranty or for a service call paid
for by the customer. 4. If an Authorized technician of A1 OSIS
Inc deems that the product in question is defective then A1
OSIS will deliver and install a replacement of equal or higher
value to the customer address at no additional charge.

PAYMENT Terms & Conditions

All prices are subject to change without notice. No refunds.
50% deposit of the total quoted amount is due upon signing
of this agreement. The remaining balance is due immediately
upon completion of the quoted items. In the event the Client
requests to change or add to any of the already invoiced or
quoted items, it is the Client's full responsibility to pay for any
and all of the quoted items that have already been initiated
and/or completed. When the customer requests to change or
add items to the quote, A1 OSIS will provide an amended
quote which is not valid unless signed and dated by both
parties and prior to providing any changes or additions to the
listed estimate items at the Client's expense. Deposits and
account balances can be paid using most major credit cards,
business checks, personal checks, or cash. When accepting
personal checks a valid photocopy of the customers state
issued identification card is required. If a particular quoted
item is not deemed possible by A1 OSIS Inc. due to site
access, customer cooperation, or technical feasibility, the
total amount of all completed items on this invoice or estimate
are still due. A1 OSIS Inc. reserves the right to provide or not
to provide an alternative solution and depending on the
complexity and feasibility of the situation. For some services,
no printed estimate is provided. In the event that no printed
estimate is provided, the full amount billed to the customer is
due immediately upon receipt of invoice. There will be a
service charge of 3% per month for late payments. A $25.00
charge will be assessed on all returned checks. If any of the
quoted or invoiced amount is not paid when due, the
customer agrees and promises to pay all costs of collection,
including reasonable attorney fees, whether or not a lawsuit
is commenced as part of the collection process. Customer
deposits and merchandise will be forfeited after 90 days from
order date. Out-of-state sales are exempt from sales tax.

Client Agreement

This estimate and or invoice is a client agreement. This client
agreement is a legal binding contractual agreement between

A1 OSIS Inc. and the Client. By signing this client agreement
and or doing business with A1OSIS Inc. you are
acknowledging and agreeing to the hardware warranty,
payment terms and conditions, along with all items listed on
this estimate and or invoice in their entirety. All of the items
on this estimate supersede any and all forms of
communication and agreements unless an amended version
of this agreement is provided by A1 OSIS and signed and
dated by both parties.