A1osis provides WiFi systems in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. Experiencing slow network speeds or no signal dead spots in your home or workplace? We have the solution for you. Surf the web and get work done faster than ever before over your WiFi network via our Mesh WiFi network solution. We strategically design and place our devices to provide a redunant signal with speeds as fast as wiring directly into the service.

Our WiFi solution is perfect for you if:

  • You´ve experienced slow speeds when connecting to your WiFi network
  • Mobile devices including laptops, tablets and cell phones lose connection around the home or office.
  • TV´s or other devices are slow or unable to connect to the WiFi network in the yard, patio or upstairs.
  • Inventory keeping devices lose connection at certain parts of your warehouse.
  • WiFi enabled ATM devices disconnect from the WiFi at random
  • Calls made over WiFi are not clear and calls often drop.

Have us call you for a free qoute and consultation:

    We will call you within the next 24 to 48 hours.