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At A1osis, we’re dedicated to transforming security. Our evolution from services to products marks a new era in your safety journey. With a commitment to providing advanced technology to safeguard your world, we proudly introduce a range of high-performance products that redefine protection.

IP Power over Ethernet Cameras: Elevating Security, Expanding Possibilities

Introducing our collection of IP Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras, where innovation meets simplicity. Elevate your surveillance experience with crystal-clear footage, seamless connectivity, and cloud-based recording. Our dome and bullet-style IP PoE cameras deliver exceptional coverage.

A1osis IP PoE Dome Camera

Dome Style Camera

Seamlessly blend security with aesthetics. The A1osis IP PoE Dome Camera features:

  • Discreet design for indoor use
  • Built-in audio for enhanced vigilance
  • PoE for hassle-free installation
  • Remote viewing and cloud backup
  • Hire a Professional: 877-826-2467

A1osis IP PoE Bullet Camera

Capture every detail with precision and clarity. The A1osis IP PoE Bullet Camera offers:

  • High-definition video
  • Built-in audio for added security
  • Easy setup with Power over Ethernet
  • Remote access and cloud storage
  • Hire a Professional: 877-826-2467

A1osis PTZ-130 Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

PTZ IP PoE Camera

Experience panoramic surveillance with precision control. The A1osis PTZ-130 Pan Tilt Zoom Camera offers:

  • Full 360-degree coverage
  • Remote PTZ control and zoom capabilities
  • Remote access and cloud storage
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Built-in two-way audio for enhanced communication
  • Hire a Professional: 877-826-2467

Mobile Guard Shack: Your Custom Surveillance Solution

Discover the pinnacle of mobile surveillance with the A1osis Mobile Guard Shack. Combining innovative technology with convenience, this cutting-edge creation is a symbol of our dedication to security. Our Mobile Guard Shack offers a tailored surveillance solution to meet your unique needs.

Starting from $13,999, the A1osis Mobile Guard Shack comes with:

  • Advanced security cameras
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Up to 72 hours runtime using only battery power
  • On Board Generator
  • Complete Mobile office and Surveillance Command Center.
  • Indoor lighting and comfy seating arrangment

Custom units built to your specifications will be made on demand.

Empower your security infrastructure with a custom solution that adapts to your requirements. The Mobile Guard Shack is perfect for remote environments, temporary surveillance needs, and locations without access to utilities. Our recent clients include construction sites, utility companies, and public events.

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